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Male facials are just as important.

You may consider getting a facial as something a little too fussy for the likes of your manly skin. The spa slippers, soothing music, and cucumber water might not appeal to you. We get it. But the real motivation to get your skin handled by the pros is the same reason you have a mechanic work on your car: They can do it better than you can.

Skin damage from your shave routine or the sun can’t be fixed with soap and water. Redness fades, but the underlying problems don’t. In fact, thanks to your coarser skin and larger pores, you could need a facial more than the missus.

Try one of our Environ facials!

Environ facials have been created by Dr Des Fernandes, one of the world’s leading cosmetic surgeons and has been specifically formulated to provide visible results against numerous skin conditions and issues, such as to repair damaged skin. Environ is formulated from high doses of absorbable fresh vitamin A, C and E. It reduces pigmentation and fine lines, repairs and protects against photo-damage and pollution. Environ skincare products will compliment the treatments and help you maintain a healthy, youthful beautiful skin for life. The easy to follow skin after care makes Environ perfect for the busy client who still wants to look and feel good.

So book into today guys and get your face the best MOT!