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Fantastic summer 2016 hair colours and styles!

Summer is finally here and with a new season should come a new hairstyle! Spring and summer 2016 have introduced a slew of popular hairstyles that are less ballerina perfect and have more of a bohemian, messy-cool, festival-ready aesthetic to them. And since trying new things with your hair is part of the fun of having lots of hair. Summer’s most popular hairstyles include a slew of different half-up styles, lots of cool braids, and buns of a different sort. These styles are fun, unique, and will also keep you cool and satisfied no matter what the weather is like.

Half up bun:  At this point, the half-up bun style is hardly new anymore, but it still deserves a spot here. Instead of doing something too perfect and put together, make your half-up bun a little messy and imperfect. The effortless messy aspect is what really makes this style work, which makes things easier for you, because then you don’t need to worry about keeping everything in place.

Messy Lob: The beach-waves-lob look beloved by fashion bloggers and celebrities everywhere isn’t going anywhere. And why should it? This effortless look is versatile and can be done even on longer hair. While the style might not be new, this technique from The Beauty Department is – and it’s surprisingly easy.

Braided ponytail: Braided ponytails are so easy and versatile. You can do a fishtail braid or a regular three strand braid, or something more complicated. They’re great for warm weather, and I personally do this style whenever I go to the gym or go for a run, as it keeps all your hair up and out of your face.

Boxer braids: You’ve probably seen these double dutch braids all over the Instagram accounts of the Kardashian sisters. Also called boxer braids, they are enjoying a huge moment. It’s essentially just Dutch or French braid pigtails, but it’s super popular right now. I’ve worn these, and I can say that they’re amazing for keeping hair out of your face.

Ombre highlights: Dark hair colours with ombre highlights beat all the records of popularity some seasons ago. But now it’s not pure and drastic ombre. Only smooth and transitional highlighting. The two colours are merging each other and you can barely define the exact line. In some cases it looks like sunburnt ends and a bit darker roots.

Brown hair with highlights: Wearing brown hair colours is a real adventure. But remember to have hair glossy and shining because this is the number one condition. For summer you can perk up the chocolate brown shade with a bit of caramel and milk, and you will have wonderful sift highlights so fitting summer sun and mood.

Long loose waves: Wear your long hair in natural curls instead of defined vintage curls. Switch to more chill hairstyles such as the beach wavy hairstyle. Use texture to add a messy look to your waves.

Blondes and brunettes go red: Red hair colours stand out, while women go on talking about the advantages and perks of being blonde or brunette. Red haired woman are very attractive, she is a lady vamp and her vivid colour makes her really unique. That is why many hair colours have turned into different shades of red recently, from the strawberry champagne to the deepest auburn and copper hair tones. Some celebrities have worked red shades through all their lives, while the others just follow the hair trends of 2016 and change their blonde and brown hair into something more than just a colour.

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