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Going For Gold! (Rose Gold that is)

Going for gold!

So What’s occurring this November?…….

Let me tell you of the latest craze hitting the Hollywood celebs!……Rose gold is the new silver! Everyone is obsessed with this gorgeous tone and you may well be when you see it too!

Our expert colourists at Michelle Louise are positively brimming with excitement to get going with this new inspiring shade.  Rose gold looks different in every light.  It shines in a way that will make you the centre of attention this autumn. Rose gold hair looks spectacular when twinned with some pink or khaki coloured party dresses – well it is almost Christmas time (I know, I shouldn’t have mentioned the C word already!)

Rose gold looks amazing on any length, be it a sharp bob or reams of Rapunzel waves!  The best part about this unique colour is that it seems to suit just about any skin tone and eye colour, so what are you waiting for? Go for gold!

Confident on your colour? Why not refresh it ready for party season?  We’ve seen some beautiful balayage this year and it looks like this trend isn’t going anywhere! In the last blog I mentioned our strobing effect, still a popular choice, this is an excellent way to keep your colour looking new and fresh.

So your hair is now a wonderful rose gold, its super soft and you’re ready for the party…but what about make up?……. Make up is a great way to make your hair colour really pop, try experimenting with rich browns and matte greys on the eyes.  The lip is all about matte right now, especially nudes and browns.  Why not let our make up artist Molly at our Wandsworth salon take care of all this for you?……and if you’re not fortunate enough to have false look natural lashes why not indulge yourself with LVL eyelash treatments at our Wandsworth salon (yes we do beauty too incase you didn’t know!)  A thick lash really compliments a nice blow dry.

Dont forget we still have 30% off colour services on a Monday and loads more offers.  Take a look here.  Thanks for reading and remember if any of the above treatments or tips take your fancy, why not pop by our Wandsworth or Balham salons for a browse or book an appointment today!