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Men its your turn

Men, its your turn…

Today its time to read about male colour. In the hair and beauty industry, often men are overlooked, well not any more and certainly not by Michelle Louise! More and more men are now opting for colour treatments on their hair, and here’s a few reasons why…

Of course, it might just be the odd stray grey which all guys tend to leave for a while but become a growing problem for any man as they get older.  Why not cover them up with a colour that will match your natural colour perfectly?  Nobody will ever be able to tell and we promise we wont let on!

Or maybe your hair is starting to thin a little?……On average men go grey and lose hair 3 times as fast as women do.  Male pattern baldness is very common in Britain, in fact more and more men are opting for colour services to hide their hair loss.

So let me tell you the science behind male pattern baldness… It begins with a slight recession at the front of the hair line and is followed by thinning on the crown of the head, the hair above the ears and nape of the neck is unaffected. The hair loss is a result of a complex chemical reaction when the enzyme ‘5alpha- reductase’ converts testosterone in the system into DHT and the hairs become smaller and thinner with time, eventually leading to hair loss.


So what are the options for men suffering with the overly common problem?….Colouring the hair can help to give the hair a thicker look with use of several shades.  You can also create longer thicker looking hair with the cut, adding or taking away layers can improve the overall look of thickness suited to your face shape.

There are of course many colours so how do you know what to choose?  Well more and more men are embracing their inner silver fox! Why not go completely grey? It can be a very attractive look – we all know Phillip Schofield and Jose Mourinho rock it so why cant you?

The most popular choice is often to be blonder, when some men start to grey, going lighter is easy to upkeep and easy to hide the grey! – but that said hair can look thinner, so if your losing your hair and going grey, the ever popular tall dark and handsome approach may well be for you.

If you’re still undecided, why not pop in to Michelle Louise for a free consultation with one of our expert stylists to help you decide? The team here at Michelle Louise pride ourselves on the service we provide and really enjoy meeting new customers and meeting their needs, so don’t let baldness or stray greys get you down, come to Michelle Louise today!