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Va Va Voom!

These days we are blasted with photos from the media showing full, long and thick hair in big bouncy blow drys, super shiny and always looking healthy.  How are these global goddesses keeping their hair so wonderful?  I hate to break it to you but all too often, photo shopping and air brushing are among these polished looks somewhere!

We are so obsessed with the ‘he said she said’ these days and it’s all about who’s being endorsed by which products.…But can we really trust in the media to bring us the truth, a resounding no is in the air.  Of course we cant.  However we believe there are new ways to keep our own locks from looking lifeless or dull without spending a fortune especially at this time of year!…..

Choose our VaVaVoom volumising spray for example at just £9.95.  Affordable luxury some might say.  For those nights out or for a little lift for work spray a little on wet hair and blow dry for gorgeous volume and a little lustrous shine.

In our styling range we also have “fix me up” fixing spray, “ooh la la” conditioning spray and “shake to activate” heat protection spray with more to follow so watch this space!  All styling products have our little flamingo on the front which varies in colour depending on the product in question.  We like to keep things nice and simple!….and just like our feathered friends we do love to preen ourselves pretty, so why not come into the store and try out our new products or maybe purchase as a gift for the holidays.  All of our styling products are just £9.95!

As for haircare, we also have amazing argan oil shampoos and conditioners, and wonderful colour protecting shampoo and conditioners.  Just like our styling range we have aimed to keep our packaging nice and simple using a swan instead of the flamingo which is in silver for the colour range and gold for the argan range.

As volume is always in, a blow dry can really boost and lift hair, blow drying from the root with a radial brush is a great technique to learn, so why not come by and we can teach you lots of ways to boost your hair this season, to keep the style for the next day keep your hair on top of your head twisted into a bun and pop a snood or head scarf on top to prevent frizz, then in the morning just shake and go!

There’s also the trusty rollers who are often long forgotten roaming inside our cabinets and draws, dusty and lonely.  Why not give them a new lease of life and start placing them in after every section you blow dry to keep that bounce bigger for longer, wait til the hair is cool and slowly remove with a twisting action.

For many more fun and easy ways to give your hair some bounce come by to one of our salons for advice, tips and of course glorious hair!

Michelle Louise products available in our salons now, all under £12!