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Its all about the Oils

Today I want to bring you the topic of oil.  Did you try out my mask from last month’s blog?  Well even if you didn’t, fear not because I’ll be talking today about oils and which ones are right for you!….

Hair oil to be precise (well what else would you expect from a hair blog).  There are so many to choose from and it is hard to know which one suits what her type so lets break it down today.


Moroccan Oil treatments

Here at Michelle Louise we stock Moroccan Oil.  It’s a great product for medium to thick hair as a leave in treatment after washing, or you can add it to colour to lock in moisture.  It can be used as a detangling aid when run through dry hair and also keeps fly away’s under control.  Its main ingredient is Argon oil.  Argon oil is an antioxidant and absorbs into hair to create a more manageable easy to style the body of the hair.  As well as this, the hair is also left with a shine and the oil creates a leave in conditioning barrier to prevent damage by heat, styling and weather.


Moroccan Oil light

Similar to Moroccan Oil, this light version is great for finer hair or those of us with less of it!  It is great for giving that full body shine on fine by damaged hair.

Its also the preferred product for blondes as its light and cannot be seen on the hair when used unlike its heavier counterpart.  Both oils are available in 100ml or 25ml and come in a glass bottle, the larger of the two sizes comes with a pump for easy use.

The Moroccan Oil brand also produces a great shampoo and conditioner for hydration and one for volume. (I swear by the stuff!).  As well as the above they also make masks.  My favourite part of this brand is that they are NO SULPHATE brand.  Its sulphates that create foam in shampoos are also capable of drying out your hair sometimes making it prone to breakage.  They are also perfume and paraben free – oh and cruelty free too!


Michelle Louise Argan Oil Infused Shampoo

So there are many brands that sell Argan oil infused products like the Moroccan oil range as mentioned above, but did you know we do too!? Yes Michelle Louise have an Argon infused shampoo and conditioner great for virgin and coloured hair alike.

One of the key features of Argan oil infused products is they can help prevent the build up of dandruff.  The oil imitates that of our natural sebum that is excreted from our hair follicles to promote healthy hair growth.  When there is too much or not enough this is when problems such as dandruff, dry or itchy scalps can occur.

Michelle Louise Argan oil shampoo and conditioner also have vitamin E and essential fatty acids – these vital ingredients are what your hair needs to maintain itself and remain nourished.  They are very reasonably priced too with the shampoo coming in at only £10.95 and the conditioner at £11.95.


Coconut Oil Conditioners

My favourite all time hair balm is Coconut oil.  Its also great for synthetic hair UNBEWEAVABLE right?! – sorry that pun was Hairible…(tumbleweed rolls across).  Anyway….Its also an ingredient in my “Princess Potions” I sell for Synthetic Entertainment wigs – but that’s another story!.


Fish Oil

Omega 3 acids in cod liver oil can help the strength and durability of your hair, whether you are brave enough to swallow these stinky little tablets is up to you but believe me they are great for your hair!


Olive Oil

An old wives tale of sorts….Using warm olive oil in your hair, leaving it in a turban towel and letting it do its magic overnight should leave your hair soft and shiny. Caution! Not to be confused with cooking oil, vegetable oil or sunflower oil! (unless you wanna smell like chips!).  Another plus is it is cheaper than most hair oils and easy to get a hold of! To prolong your hair condition, measure 20ML of olive oil per 100ML of shampoo.  Mix this small amount into your shampoo and use regularly.

Well that’s all form me this month, tune in next month for Easter Trends!