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Easter Sunday is upon us…

Dear Easter Bunnies, Chicks and Lambs,

Spring is upon us! The sun is shinning, the grass is a vibrant green, the beautiful daffodils are blossoming on every tree and the baby lambs are skipping about on the meadows. Ahh! What a life!

…Well, I lied. Here in London all we see is cars not lambs. However, one thing we can all agree on, no matter if you’re by the meadows or in sunny London, is that Easter is finally here and that could only mean one thing:

CHOCOLATE EGGS! All sizes, colours and textures! YUM!

So the question is, what kind of easter egg are you?

Are you the milk chocolate egg with caramel and gold highlights- The Bronze Babe, who loves sun bathing and showing off that stunning effortless multi tonal bronde hair, only gets a trim to keep the length and finishes off with waves to accentuate the colour and beautiful long locks? Or the white chocolate blonde- The I-Just-Got-Back-From-Holiday beaut, who loves those stunning hand painted balayage highlights giving that sun kissed look, loves Argan Oil products to nourish the hair, and books all her appointments in advance? Or perhaps you are like me, The Bourneville Dark Chocolate- The flavourful brunette, who’s hair is full of texture, depth and mystery yet delicate, glossy and delicious!? Or are you the one who likes to try all the flavours, lengths and textures and opts for the mini egg range, The one that suits it all- The Lob-Kinda-Gal, who loves to try and play around with different colours no matter the season or occasion and can always pop in some extensions when they want some of that length back!

Well, one thing’s for sure, and that’s that there’s definitely an easter egg out there for everyone (by egg I mean hair style.) So this spring, why not scramble a new look? (See what I did there?) Why not come for a cracking, FREE range consultation or book in for an egg-xcellent colour transformation? (…I know, I know terrible puns!)

Talking about hair colour, this month we are getting in more Majirel Colour! So all you beautiful brunettes, natural blondes and coppers are in for a treat! Majirel colours offer a rich, permanent, glossy look which provides perfect coverage of those stubborn grey hairs! How does it work you ask?…well Majirel colour (by L’Oreal) treats the entire hair fibre with conditioning active ingredients called Ionene G ™ and Incell and not only does it provide you with full coverage and deep rich stunning tones, but it is also long lasting so the colour won’t fade between appointments*. So whether you’re a base 1 or 10 (fancy hairdressing numbers that mean colours!) try out Majirel today!


*recommended colour appointments every 4-6 weeks.