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What is Spring without the wonderfully unexpected UK weather

April isn’t just about the sunshine and picnics at the park, there’s also those dreaded spring showers!
So here’s a guide to the top 10 tips for surviving those rainy days…

  1. It is going to rain – its inevitable so always remember to bring a brolly.
  2. Brolly’s don’t have to hide your hair, try using a clear one so everyone can see your beautiful bouncy locks!
  3. Moisture in the air can cause frizz so find yourself a great frizz control spray to spritz on to wet hair before blow drying.
  4. If you do get wet hair fear not! Plait it to contain any fly-away’s and your good to go for the rest of the day. Check out our Instagram page for some braids inspo!
  5. Always wash it at the end of the day – otherwise the moisture and the water from the rain can actually irritate the scalp therefore cause unwanted dandruff or sores.
  6. What if you get drenched before spending a full 8 hours at work? Pop a mini dry shampoo spray in your handbag.Tip to use dry shampoo: Spray only at roots leave in without touching it (even if its white!) for a few minutes and then brush through or use your fingers to give extra volume! This should help clean away that oily and dirty feel.
  7. Use an oil based heat protector when straightening or blow drying – the oil remains on the hair and will prevent any rain water from penetrating the hair throughout the day! We recommend our Michelle Louise Argan Shampoo and Conditioner and some MoroccanOil for styling.
  8. Use a fine tooth comb and hair spray, or simply use an old toothbrush to go through your hair after a blustery day to remove any debris or fly-aways and help smooth it down.
  9. Carry a small flannel in a plastic sandwich bag with you to ring out your hair from extreme downpours and store safely in your bag without getting anything else damp.
  10. Don’t be afraid of the rain! So what if your hair gets wet? Use some salt water spray and crunch up your hair with your hand and create some natural beach waves!With the above tips you’ll be just fine so go dance in the rain like no one’s watching! If you try any of these tips or have any more, please comment and share with us! Or tag us in your posts using our hashtag #MLLOVESHAIR!!!
  • *All products mentioned above can be purchased at either one of our salons!