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So… Your Quarantine colour is driving you crazy?

We sincerely hope you are all staying safe and healthy through these very difficult and uncertain times and assure you that we just cant wait to get back to the salons and see all of our lovely clients but of course will only do this when it is safe to do so as per government guidelines.

After many recent enquiries made by our clients in regards to what they could do with their hair colour for the time being, we thought it was only right that we should offer some advice on this. Of course for most, the easiest option appears to be to nip down to the local supermarket and pick up a box dye. Whilst we understand that at the present time, there doesnt seem to be many other options, our advice on box colour is be cautious…

The advertisements make home hair colouring look very easy and often show results as multi tonal. However in reality, the end result often doesnt reflect this. Everybodys hair type, porosity and condition are very different not to mention the many tones of colour somebodys hair can contain at any one time. In short, everyones hair is very unique to them.

What this means is that box colors often doesnt account for these variations and it becomes extremely difficult to achieve the desired end result without the colour looking uneven and tones mis-matching. Fixing the mistakes made by using box colours in salon can be very lengthy often expensive processes.


“our advice on box colour is be cautious”…


In our opinion, there is no replacement for the knowledge and skills your professional and highly trained stylist has gained over the course of their career and in light of this, Michelle Louise are now offering ML colour kits (subject to availability) containing the exact Loreal products and measurements we would use on your hair in the salon.  This means the colour is bespoke and personalised to your hair therefore taking away the guess work thats involved with box colours.

As existing colour clients of Michelle Louise you can also be reassured that as long as you have seen us for colour in the last six months, no patch test is required.  Remember for your safety, a patch test is always required with any colour you have not used before including box colours.  Whilst we realise the price is higher than buying over the counter, please do remember that this is salon use professional high quality Loreal product mixed by a fully trained stylist who knows your hair.

ML colour kits are priced at £35 and can be collected from our Wandsworth Common branch by pre-arranged email appointment.  Book yours now by clicking on the button below.

If you just cant make it to us to pick up an ML colour kit, we would like to offer some further advise on what we think would are the best options for your colour during lockdown to keep you going that little bit longer…

Loreal Magic Root Cover up…

A great temporary solution to cover up those pesky greys.  Simply choose the closest match to your existing colour and use the spray applicator to apply the colour to your roots.  It dries almost instantly and you can comb through the excess colour.  This will last until your next wash and is a particularly useful alternative not only with darker tones but also with blonde hair as it can easily turn brassy if using box colour.

Purple Shampoo…

If your hair is high lighted then obviously applying a box colour is going to result in a bit of a disaster that will be very difficult to fix.  Our top recommendation to get you through would be purple shampoo and conditioner.  These will remove warmth from the hair giving the effect of the hair appearing brighter to the eye.

If you have Balayage, again we would highly recommend you stay away from box colours as the idea of balayage is to have natural looking different tones running through the hair.  Applying permanent one tone colour is going to cancel out all the hard work you have put in to get your hair those lovely different tones and in our opinion also make the hair look blotchy with lots of colour overlap.

If its more brightness and less warmth you are looking for in your balayage, then purple shampoos and conditioners are a great choice here too.  If your balayage is more of a warm tone and you like it that way, then our suggestion would be to leave the colour alone and try to hold out until you can get back to the salon.

Lastly, we have been receiving lots of enquiries from clients asking us to let them know as soon as we are able and permitted to open again.  We will of course try to call as many of our regular clients as possible at that stage.  If you would like to make sure we give you a call so we can get you booked in as soon as we can, please click on the button below and send us an email containing your full name, telephone number and service you will require.