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Hair Comes The Bride

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With bridal wear evolving rapidly, so is bridal hair and makeup. There are now endless styles, accessories and trends that it can feel overwhelming for every bride to be. You have enough to worry about, so Michelle Louise is here to make your wedding make-up and hair as effortless and breezy as possible. 

Here are our Top 3 Styles that have been hugely popular in recent times:

1. Minimal:

Inspired by the simplicity and elegance of the minimalist style, sometimes less is more. With delicate silhouettes, all attention is on inherent beauty without distraction, uncovering the essential beauty of the bride. From low, elegant ponytails to silky, natural curls these can make a bride feel effortlessly beautiful. Warm neutral tones for simple, chic make-up is the perfect accompaniment to the minimalist theme.

2. Details:

In recent years, intricate detailed plait work or weaving in accessories such as vines have grown more popular. These details can add to the regality of the day, whether a subtle tiara or elegant rhinestones, details can add extra layers throughout the hair. 

3. Low and Elegant 

Low buns and ponytails have been making their way back into weddings everywhere. We all love a messy bun, and it may look effortless but it still requires a lot of work from a professional. This vintage and classic look goes with a variety of wedding dress styles, which is one of the reasons it is loved by brides everywhere. 

Make Up

Bridal make-up remains elegant and flawless for a high percentage of brides. With the majority opting for a fresh, clean look consisting of a slight pigmentation to make the eyes pop or a winged eyeliner to open the eyes up. Our biggest tip for brides when it comes to picking the right makeup for you, is to stay true to what makes you feel beautiful. No one knows your skin and colour palette better than you do and you will want to reflect back on the images and feel happy and confident with your makeup.

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If you are looking for hair and make up specialists to assist you on your big day, make sure to contact us here at Michelle Louise and we will be honoured to be a part of your special day. All the images in this blog are by us, Michelle Louise Salon are grateful to our wonderful client Alice for letting us be part of her magical day. 

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