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Top Hair Trends for Spring 2023

Spring Is In The Hair

Spring is finally almost here!  The sunset begins to inch toward a reasonable hour which means no more darkness at 4 pm, flowers begin to bloom, greenery is soon to be everywhere, and the temperature starts to warm up a little more. With every new season comes with fresh trends.

In 2022, 90’s inspired-blowouts made a comeback while so many celebrities went for the chop too. In terms of coloring, we saw the revival of 70’s blonde with so many celebrities going all red in the previous year. So what does 2023 have in store for you?

The top stylists and hairdressers seem to agree that 2023 will be the year of the major comebacks such as the voluminous curls of the 70’s, the shaggy mullets of the 80’s, the bouncy blowouts of the 90’s, and the side parts of the 00’s. Yes, we’re talking about more volume, more length, bigger curls and bigger waves.

To find out which hair trends will dominate the spring of 2023, keep reading…


Long Bombshell Layers

Long hair is all about bombshell blowouts, layers, soft, sultry movement, and fringes from the eyebrow to the jawline. That’s why long hair from the 90’s bombshells could be about to have a major moment.


70’s Style Shag

This very choppy 70’s-inspired haircut could be making a comeback in 2023. The haircut includes lots of face-framing layers which give a very full voluminous look through the use of rollers and blowout of the bangs.


Sunflower Cut

This haircut is all about volume and embracing the texture, best suitable for curly hair. The haircut is very round and big with lots of layering, hence the name. These face-framing layers and full ends give a very well-maintained and healthy look to your curls.



As the name suggests, this haircut is a playful cross between the shag and the mullet that works on any hair texture and density and is easy to style. The short interior layers give this look volume and shape while maintaining structure at length. If you have a wavy texture, this cut gives shape and definition with a wash-and-wear lifestyle.



There is another combo that is the talk of the town. If your face shape allows, this cut is a super fresh hybrid of the bob and pixie. It’s super textured and layered which makes you stand out for sure wherever you go.


Sophisticated Bobs

For short hair, a bob will also reign this spring. People these days are less scared of going shorter and wanting to experiment a lot more which is a good sign. These bobs will be short and defined by face-framing layers.


Curly Wolf Cuts

Curly bangs and tons of layers are the perfect way to boost up your texture game. The baby bangs with short interior layers and the late wolf shag is just love. Naturally curly hair needs a definitive shape to look more than a mass of nothing but curls. One thing that you must keep in mind is that always ask your stylist for a dry cut as it helps to see curl patterns and movement.

The general opinion is that 2023 will have a maximalist approach in terms of hairstyles. In other words, more is more, and bigger is better.  Why not book in for a fresh new look for the new season with Michelle Louise ?