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Spring Colour Trends

Following the positive feedback we had on our last blog “spring is in the hair” where we discussed upcoming spring trends in cuts, we wanted to share with you some upcoming spring colour trends we think might just be coming into fashion this season…


Candlelit Brunette:

Candlelit brunette has a brunette base colour featuring golden highlights which glow amber in the sun. Combining rich and warm tones, it complements all skin tones and the best part is it requires low maintenance.

Uptown Blonde:

Blonde is back in 2023, but this time it’s high maintenance, polished and expensive looking. The popular 90’s yellow blonde is in high demand now. It’s named uptown because it’s a high-maintenance look. To maintain this fab blonde colour, a regular salon visit is a must.

Liquid Brunette:

Super-shiny and glossy hair are going to be a key look in spring, that’s what liquid brunette is all about. But to maintain the shine and health of your hair, you’ll need in-salon glossing services and at-home treatments. These treatments will add depth and gloss to your natural hair color or add dimension and luster to your colored hair too.  We love the K18 treatment which we have as both in salon and take home treatments.

Bamboo Blonde:

Bamboo blonde is also considered one of the biggest hair trends in the spring of 2023. This light golden blonde features two-dimensional tones of warmer beige and light oat milk, seamlessly interwoven in the hair.  The inspiration is taken from calming natural materials such as bamboo and their intricate texture.

Cocoa Lights:

If you want to add dimension to your brunette hair then look no further than the cocoa lights trend. It features a mixture of golden, creamy tones contrasting with warm chocolate. This makes it a luxe hair trend of 2023.

Palm Springs Pink:

In 2023, among the more neutral color hair tones, an injection of fun color in pastel pink and marshmallows will get the limelight. Palm spring pink is a great way for you to express your sensuality and confidence. You can experiment with this shade without the worry about long-term commitment as it doesn’t lift your natural base color.

Lunar Blonde:

As the name indicates, it indicates the golden full moon shade. This creamy and clean blonde tone is not as icy as traditional platinum blonde, as it contains a small amount of gold woven through the hair. This ethereal and light-reflecting lunar blonde could be a hit trend in 2023.

So do one of these upcoming trends grab you?  Would you like to try something new and fresh for the spring season?  At Michelle Louise, our colour experts are always on hand to help so why not book in for a consultation with us?