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10 hair trends you should try before 2016 ends!

Now that it’s June, 2016 is already halfway over. But you still have plenty of time to try out some of the year’s top hair trends. Here are the year’s top 10 hottest hair trends to consider trying the next time you go to a salon before the next New Year’s.

1. Red is the new black

Red is the new “in” color. Lots of stars have recently dyed their hair red, kick-starting one of the year’s hottest trends. You may want to try going full ginger next time you hit the salon. Try a nice, rustic shade of copper-red or a dazzling shade of burnt orange.

2. Dip-Dye your ends

A much more colorful version of last year’s hit “ombre” look but just as fun. Dye the ends of your hair by dipping them in a bright or pastel shade of your favorite color for a look that’s both edgy and playful. Whether it’s bright pink or a deep shade of blue, giving your hair the Easter egg treatment is a great look, especially in the spring or summer when it’s the season for florals and music festivals.

3. The Bob

Hollywood has fallen in love with the bob this year, inspiring the rest of the world to cut their hair to chin-length. Halfway between the pixie and long, flowing locks, the bob is fun, playful, manageable, and looks cute on just about any face shape. No wonder it’s gotten so popular.

4. And the Lob

The bob’s longer cousin, the lob is the perfect choice for anyone who finds the bob too short for their taste. It reaches the neck instead of the chin, but is just as fun and appealing for any face shape.

5. Brighten your hair (and your day)

Dying your hair any color of the rainbow is a surefire way to brighten up the rest of your look and your day. Lots of people are ditching the classic blondes, browns, blacks, and reds for more fun and unique colors like bubble gum pink, ocean blue-green, or neon purple.

6. Blonde or Brunette—why not both?

Can’t decide between going blonde or going brunette? Why not both? The “bronde” is part blonde, part brunette, and everyone’s digging it. More than just “dirty blonde”, the “bronde” is kind of like the ombre except it covers the whole of your hair, instead of just gradating through it.

7. A little bit of pixie dust…

If the bob or the lob just aren’t the looks for you, you might want to try the pixie cut. The classic short hair look had a massive comeback this year, with everyone saying bye-bye to their long locks and chopping them off for something that’s more manageable but still cute. If you’re intimidated by the idea of cutting your hair so short if you’re used to having it long, don’t be. Contrary to popular belief, you can still style your pixie cut many different ways and no, you will not look ten years older than you really are. In fact, the pixie cut will help you look younger!

8. Classic bangs

Like jeans and Starbucks coffee, bangs will never go out of style. This classic hair trend is great for shaping your face and goes well with any look. Yes, they can be a pain to grow out but once you see how cute they look on you, and how popular they’ve become this year, you wouldn’t want to grow them out anyway.

9. Fifty Shades of Grey

Just like red, silver is also the hot new hair color trend of the year. No longer dreaded as being a sign of old age, tons of people, 2016 so far has seen tons of people, even young people, rocking shades of white and silver in their hair.

And finally…

10. Au natural

Thanks to the body positivity movement, 2016 has been the year of embracing your natural looks, including your hair. Instead of crazy dyes or extensions, you might just want to let your hair shine as it was meant to. Michelle Louise can help you do that too. Whether it’s those curls you used to hate having, or that color of hair you used to want to change, embrace your natural beauty and let your hair stylist help you take care of your natural hair so it can be the best it can be without being changed, redone, or completely made over.